Saturday, November 12, 2011

Buying Land in Kansas

On May 22nd, 1868, J. W. Van Hoesen purchased, for the sum of $1,000, from Adam and Rosamanda Hageman the following land: "southwest quarter of Section 28, township 24, Range 6". The deed is recorded with the Register of Deed in the El Dorado County Courthouse.

This record has me puzzled. Originally I assumed a direct connection to Valentine Worley Van Huss because of both the name and the location of the land. Now I believe that J. W. Van Hoesen was from a branch of the family that had settled in Ohio for a while. I will now have to go back to El Dorado to sort out the land transfers.

Additionally, there are the purchases of land by all five sons of Valentine Worley Van Huss over an extended period.

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