North Carolina and Virginia

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On 26 Jan 1725 in Claverack, New York, Valentine Felty Vanhooser was born. Valentine was originally of German stock, his forebearers coming from the seaport of Husum in the province of Schleswig on the North Sea. Johannes Vanhoeser, also spelled Van Husum, Van Hoose, or Van Hoesen, and later Van Huss, was a seaman with the Dutch West Indies Company who came to upstate New York in 1639.

Valentine would move to Tulpehocken, Pennsylvania and marry Maria Barbara Zerwe on 22 December 1746 in the Dutch or German Reformed Church. (Dutch was often said when "Deutsch" or German was meant).  Maria Barbara Zerwe was born on 22 Nov 1725 to German immigrant parents. The year following their marriage, John is listed as born in Anson County, North Carolina. But, for the next several years there are records of children born in both Tulpenhocken and Anson County. After 1754, all births take place in North Carolina with the exception of Abraham (1756) who is listed as born in Augusta, Virgina. (This is most likely Augusta County).

In all there are thirteen children born to Valentine and Maria. See Cox-Stewart Family History. The last child Valentine Vanhooser, Jr., born 1768 in Rowan County, is the direct ancestor of  Bob Van Huss.

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There is only speculation as to why Valentine and Maria left New York and Pennsylvania for North Carolina. One account suggests that they followed the advice of a Boone family member who also migrated to the area. Daniel Boone, born in Pennsylvania to Quaker parents, also migrated to western North Carolina, before traveling through eastern Tennessee and over the Cumberland Gap and into Kentucky. Valentine and his wife Maria lived for much of their marriage in and around Rowan County, North Carolina, present day area near Hickory. Rowan County was originally a vast western area of North Carolina with no definite boundaries. Anson County was formed from this area, and so it will also be referenced in many genealogies.

Valentine and his large family moved to Fincastle (now Montgomery) County Virginia in 1774; moved to the North Fork of the Clinch River in 1775; but, after two years of fighting the Cherokee Indians, moved back to a more civilized area of Virginia. Today, this is a trip up Highway 21, from Hickory, North Carolina to Wytheville, near Blacksburg, Virgina. A westerly route through the Piedmont takes you up Highway 221. Mapquest. Valentine was a wealthy man. He owned lots of land and had quite a few Negro slaves. However, when the Revolutionery War broke out, Valentine was loyal to the British and became a known Tory. He took up arms against the colonists and fought for Genral Cornwallis, dying in the year 1781 at one of the last two battle Cornwallis fought in--the Guilford Co., North Carolina County court house, or at Yorktown, Virginia, where Cornwallis surrendered. Read more of the online biography of Valentine. Valentine and Barbara had a large family. One family record puts the number at 18. Note that the name Valentine is given to at least three sons. It is the last, Valentine Vanhooser, born in 1769 - died in Johnson, Tennessee in 1857, who is the ancestor of Bob Van Huss of Kansas. This later Valentine crossed the mountains into eastern Tennessee, near Fort Watauga. Children with Barbara b. ABT 1726 Anson, North Carolina d. Agst, Virginia Abraham Van Hooser b. 1756 Augusta, d. 30 Aug 1834 Madison, Illinois Maria Catharine Van Hooser b. 18 Apr 1747 Tulpehocken, Berks, Pennsylvania d. John Van Hooser b. 1747 Anson, North Carolina d. 1 Sep 1850 New Market, Jefferson, Tennessee Jacob Van Hooser b. 1747 Anson, North Carolina d. 25 Aug 1845 Wayne, Kentucky Maria Barbara Van Hooser b. 22 May 1749 Tulpehocken, Berks, Pennsylvania d. Isaac Van Hooser b. 1750 Anson, North Carolina d. 5 Apr 1831 Elizabeth Van Hooser b. ABT 1752 Anson, North Carolina d. Van Hooser b. ABT 1754 Anson, North Carolina d. Miss Van Hooser b. ABT 1754 Rowan, North Carolina d. Van Hooser b. ABT 1758 Rowan, North Carolina d. Valentine Van Hooser b. ABT 1758 Rowan, North Carolina d. 1836 Curate Van Hooser b. ABT 1760 Rowan, North Carolina d. young Isaac Van Hooser b. BET 1762 AND 1764 Rowan, North Carolina d. 5 Apr 1831 Warren, Tennessee Elizabeth Van Hooser b. 1766 Rowan, North Carolina d. Jefferson, Tennessee Valentine Van Huss b. 1768 Rowan, North Carolina d. 1854 *Valentine Van Hooser b. 14 Feb 1768 Rowan, North Carolina d. 1 Mar 1857 Johnson, Tennessee Van Hooser b. ABT 1770 d. Van Hooser b. ABT 1772 d. Sources: 1. Van Hooser Family of the United States, by Joyce Lindstrom, pages 237-238. 2. Records of Rowan County. 3. A Colonial History of Rowan County. 4. Children of Valentine and Maria. 5. Birthplace of Valentine. 6. Biography of Valentine Felty Vanhooser 7. Parents of Valentine Felty Vanhooser

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