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Who's Who in Tennessee?

Valentine Felty Vanhooser.

Valentine Vanhooser, Jr., born 1768,  departs Virginia in 1795  and settles in Carter County (then Washington County) near Fort Watauga, Tennessee. Valentine's son, Mattias Van Huss, is born the very same year Valentine arrived in Tennessee, but likely joined his father later. The son lives in Tennessee his entire life, dieing in 1856.Mathias' son Valentine Worley Van Huss, born 1818, leaves Tennessee after the Civil War and moves to Butler County Kansas along with four sons.

Family history relates that the first Valentine Felty Vanhooser was a Tory who sided with the British during the Revolutionary War. Old Man Valentine did probably serve in Dunmore's War earlier.  Again, according to family history, Old Man Valentine died in the year 1781, possibly at the battle of Yorktown.

Be that as it may, almost 15 years later, in 1795, the state of North Carolina sold to young Valentine 100 acres of land  on Cobbs Creek to the east and north of Elizabethton, near Fort Watauga.

See the deed in the Registrar of Deeds Office, Carter County.

Mathias Vanhoose/Van Huss

Mathias changes his name from Vanhooser to Van Huss. He marries Catherine Worley. They have one child Valentine Worley Van Huss, born 1818. Elizabeth dies in 1820. Mathias remarries in 1821 to Lovina Dugger with whom he has many children.

Valentine Worley Van Huss

Valentine Worley Van Huss is the older half brother to J. P. Van Huss by Mathias and his first wife Catherine Worley.

J. P. Van Huss

J. P. Van Huss is the younger half brother of Valentine Worley Van Huss. J. P. was born to the second wife of Mathias, Lovina Dugger. Goodspeed's Biographical Appendix of Carter County History of Tennessee, gives a biographical sketch of J. P.,

J. P. Van Huss.
He is the ninth of eleven children (five of whom yet survive) of Mathias and Lovina (Duggar) Van Huss, natives of Carter (now Johnson) County and the present Carter County respectivel y.  The former was a soldier in 1812, a Whig, a farmer and a blacksmith.  He was a son of Valentine Van Huss, of North Carolina, and of Carter County; the latter born about 1778.  He was of Dutch descent, while the mother was of Scotch-English origin.  The mother was a daughter of William Duggar, a native of North Carolina, and a pioneer of Dugger's Ferry.  He was a soldier of the Revolution, and married three times.  The Duggar family are long lived.
* Note that the mother of Valentine Worley was Catherine Worley. Lovina Duggar was the mother of Mathias.

* See There are other children, but it is Mathias that we are interested in.

* Again , Goodspeed's History of Tennessee, Carter County, addressing Mathias:
The former was a soldier in 1812, a Whig, a farmer and a blacksmith.
* See again,

The Will of Lovina Dugger Van Huss, dated 1866 (She died in 1882.)

I, Viney Vanhuss, do make and ordain this my last Will and testament, being of sound mind and memory.
1st. I give my soul to Almighty God and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried by my Executors in the grave yard near my husband and my children.
2nd. I give and bequeath to Daniel S. Vanhuss and Joseph P. Vanhuss my sons, my lot of land whereon I now live. So that my son Daniel shall have the Dwelling in which I live.
3d. I also give and bequeath to my sons Daniel S. Vanhuss and Joseph P. Vanhuss my brass kettle.
4th. I give and bequeath to my son Daniel S. Vanhuss one bed stead and bed with bed clothing.
5th. I give and bequeath to my daughter Rhodie Elizabeth one bed stead and bed clothing. Also one cow and calf and one breeding [illegible[ Also one little bureau and bee palace.
6th. I give and bequeath to my daughter Catherine Heaton one small table.
7th. I require my sons Daniel S. Vanhuss and Joseph P. Vanhuss to pay three hundred dollars to the following named persons, to wit. Fifty dollars to Vollintine W. Vanhuss. Fifty dollars to Finly E. Vanhuss. Fifty dollars to Catherine Heaton. Fifty dollars to Abigail B. Nave and Fifty dollars to Rhoda Elizabeth Vanhuss.
8th. It is my will that at my death there should be residuary balance, it shall be sold and divided between my sons and daughters to wit: Vollintine W. Vanhuss, Thomas D. Vanhuss, Finly E. Vanhuss, Catherine Heaton, Abigail D. Nave and Rhody E. Vanhuss.
Lastly. I appoint my sons Daniel S. Vanhuss and Joseph P. Vanhuss my Executors to this my last Will and testament.
This 4th day of August 1866. Viney X Vanhuss [Seal] her mark
Signed, sealed in our presence.
J. H. Hyder
Stevenas C. Crow.

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