About Robert VanHuss

Robert E. VanHuss was born January 2, 1929 in Beaumont Kansas, son to Fred and Bula VanHuss. He has one brother Jim. Robert, or Bob as he is known, married Mary Miles on New Years Eve 1955. They had four daughters and a son.

Bob grew up in Beaumont Kansas. Bob and his brother Jim would spend weekends visiting either their grandfather James Finley Van Huss who had a farm nearby, or their grandfather Dr. William Phillips, the town doctor. Bob was too young for World War II, but he and his brother would often be found near the Beaumont water tower watching the Frisco Railroad move troops east and west.

Bob now lives in Wichita, where three of his daughters also live. Two daughters are married with two children apiece. A fourth daughter lives in England with her husband and two children. Bob's only son William, "Billie" as he was know to everyone, died of leukemia at an early age.

Here is the history which will be updated as new information allows:

 Jan Fransse Van Husum was the first Van Huss in America. Jan was born in the city of Husum, a coastal city on the North Sea in Schleswig. He was a sailor and eventually settled in Amsterdam, Holland. He arrived with his wife Volkje Jurisens in 1639, settling in Upstate New York as part of the Dutch West Indies settlement at Claverack, present day Hudson.

Jan and his wife had nine children, the seventh, Johannes van Hoesen, born 1655, married Jannitje Janse "Jane" de Ryck. They had nine children, the fifth, a son named Johannes Junior.Johannes van Hoesen, born 1697, married Christian Lauck. They had nine children, including Valentine Felty, who was born in 1725.

Valentine Felty Vanhooser Senior, born 1725 in Claverack, New York, is the father of Valentine Junior who in 1795 migrated into the area near Fort Watauga, Tennessee. He in turn is the father of Mattias Van Huss of  Tennessee, who is the father of Valentine Worley Van Huss, who migrated to Kansas along with his son John Finley Van Huss. John Finley settled and farmed near Beaumont, Butler County, Kansas. His son Fred was the father of Robert (Bob) Van Huss of Wichita, Kansas.

There are several sources for this information. I will mention the CoxStewart Family.