Friday, September 24, 2010

Leaving New York

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Leaving New York.

Father and son left New York for Tulpehocken, Lancaster (now Berks) Co Pennsylvania, settling in an area of mostly Germans.

Father and younger brothers and sisters then migrated to Anson Co., North Carolina in 1753/4. The son made his will in 1763, signing it John Vanhosen. On deeds there his name appears as John Vanhouser and John Vanhooser.

"[Later]descendants of John Vanhooser retained the spelling, Vanhooser
and settled in Eastern and Central Tennessee. Those from Jackson
Co., Tenn. still spell the name with the small "h".

One branch of the family kept the spelling, VanHuss. They settled in southwest
Virginia and in Carter (later Johnson) Co., Tenn."

In 1845 Valentine W. VanHuss married Lucinda Campbell and raised seven children in Carter county, Tennessee. The children were:

1. VanHuss, James M - 1845
2. VanHuss, Isaac S - 1847
3. VanHuss, Daniel S - 1848
4. VanHuss, Susannah - 1852
5. VanHuss, Matilda - 1853
6. VanHuss, Robert - 1855
7. VanHuss, John - 1859

Later, in the 1880's four brothers, James, Daniel, Robert, and John, homesteaded in and around Beaumont, Kansas.


  1. This is just a note.

    Notes for Valentine Van Huss:

    Aka: Valentine "Felty" Van Buren Van Huss. Changed his name from Van Hooser. His father,
    Valentine Van Hooser was a known Tory and served under General Cornwallis during the Rev. War.

  2. Jacob's and Maria's daughter Barbara married Valentine Van Hooser, a Tory who fought under
    General Cornwallis in the Revolutionary War. On the other hand, Jacob's son Michael was a
    Another note.

    Jacob Zerbe (about 1698-1782) In about 1716, while still living near Annsberg, Martin's son
    Jacob married Maria Catharina (probably Winter), who had also immigrated with the Palatines in 1710.

    Sometime after 1725, they also moved to Tulpehocken, taking up land near Martin and
    Anna Elizabeth.

    Revolutionary soldier and served in Captain Weaver's Company from Bethel Township.
    Descendants of Jacob's great grandson Jacob (1782-1841) moved west, settling in Concord
    Illinois and St. Joseph, Michigan. Their descendants, in turn, settled in Kansas, Oklahoma,
    Missouri and California.