Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1910 Census

Robert (Bob) VanHuss is the son of Fred VanHuss, who is the son of John F. Van Huss.

The 1910 U.S. Census places John F. VanHuss, and his wife Josie, in the city of Sedgwick, Kansas.

John was a  50 year-old carpenter from Tennessee. He and his 44 year-old wife had five children: Bula, Fred, Luva, Elmer E, Jain O.. The childrens' ages ranged from 20 to 6, and they were all born in Missouri, suggesting that the family had made a long stop-over in that state on their way to Kansas. As Josie was born in Missouri, it is possible that John had migrated from Tennessee to Missouri where he met and wed his wife.

Bula, the oldest child, was employed as a teacher at the time of this census. And, there is a stone school house still standing outside of Leon, which has the name VanHuss inscribed in the stone over the front door.

The oldest son, Fred, 16 years old in 1910, was the father of Bob VanHuss.


  1. Aubry Cemetery Union, Stilwell, Johnson Co, KS

    VanHuss, Lucinda H; b. 15 Apr 1818, d. 20 Oct 1870, Wife of V W VanHuss, Section
    Old, Row 12


  2. The origin of the family name VanHuss is given as follows:

    Jan Fransse was born in Husum, a city in Schleswig in 1608. Husum lies in the northern duchy of Schleswig, which was once an
    independent duchy ruled by princes of the old Roman empire. A ducal portion was ruled by the dukes of Holstein and a common portion was
    ruled jointly by the kings and dukes.

    When Jan Fransse left Husum in 1639, the Dutch Domunine (pastor) changed his name from the Danish of Fransse to the Dutch name of
    Frantz. The suffix "tz" means the "son of" in Dutch. His name was further changed by adding "Van Husum", which distinguished him from any other Jan Frantz indicating he was from the town of Husum. "Van" in Dutch means "from." In German "Von" also means "from."