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Tuinstraat, Amsterdam

Prior to setting sail in May of 1639 for America, Jan Van Husum and Volkje  Juriaens lived on Tuinstraat in Amsterdam. This fact comes from the marriage certificate, dated April 30th, 1639, found online at

Detail of marriage Certificate of Jan Franz Van Husum and Volkje Juriaens
[Note. One immediately notices that there are variations in spellings of names and places. Jan's name is spelled "Jan Franz Van Housum". Volkje's name is spelled "Volckje Juriaens dr van Noortstrandt". Tuinstraat is spelled "Tuijnstraat." Spelling conventions have changed over time. Moreover, spelling may depend on whether the language is Dutch, German, of English.]

Tuinstraat, Amsterdam is a street that can still be found in Amsterdam. It is near the Dam Platz, where Jan and Volkje were married. Tuinstraat translates as "Garden Street," and it can be found in the Jordaan District a short walk from the central area of Amsterdam. From the Dam Platz, Jan and Volkje could see the masts of the sailing ships in the harbor.

The reference to "Corte" is a bit confusing, but it may refer to a courtyard, since "corte" is the Spanish word for court. Keep in mind that the Dutch provinces were once part of the Spanish empire, not achieving formal independence until 1649.

Dam Platz and New Church, 1659, Jacob van der Ulft, Musee Condee, Chantily

The couple married in the relatively close Nieue Kirke located in the Domplatz.

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