Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Baker Willem Juriens

The last name of Willem Juriens is intriging, for it suggests a connection with Volkje Juriens, wife of Jan Van Husum. But if there is a connection, it is not yet established.

He must have been a crusty fellow for he was often in trouble with the law.

Willem Juriens was once a ship's captain, but by 1638, at the age of 58, he signed on with the colony at Renssalaerwyck to become a baker. From 1641 to 1647 he is credited with baking at several farms and for various individuals. But by 1644 and again in 1647 he was in trouble with the authorities for misdeeds that included attacking one, Antonio de Hooges, the Patroon's Commissioner (tax collector?) with a knife. The authorities banished him for his misdeeds, but granted him respite on condition that he refrain from his attacks. Old Man Juriens was not up to the task, and again in 1650, at the age of 70, was back before the court.

This time the court paroled Willem to the care of Jan Van Hoesen. Jan received Willem's bakery on the condition that Willem could live there so long as he should live. This was not quite the bargain it would seem, for later the neighbors would raise a stink.

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