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Elizabeth and Catherine Worley

I was always struck by the fact that father and son, Valentine Vanhooser, Jr. and Mathias Van Huss married women with the last name of Worley. Was it coincidence?

Valentine Felty Vanhooser, Jr. (born 1768) married Catherine Abagail Worley (born 1768). Valentine would move to Tennessee in 1795. According to only one record, Catherine died in 1796 at the age of 28, and was buried in Wythe, Virginia. Catherine Worley. If so, Catherine died after giving birth to a son and a year after giving birth to her fifth child, Mathias Van Huss (Mathias is listed as the fourth child in some records).

Valentine remarried in 1799 to Juliana Spraker and sometime after 1812 to Matilda Venable.

* Search for the VanHoose(r)(n) Descendants Compiled 31 March 2011 by Robert S. Duggan, Jr.

Mathias Van Huss (born 1795) married Elizabeth Worley (born 1798). Mathias served with Capt. Solomon Hendrix's Company in the Tennessee Militia during the War of 1812. In 1817 he married Elizabeth in Wythe, Virginia. They had one child Valentine Worley Van Huss. Elizabeth died in 1820 and Mathias remarried to Lovina Dugger.

See Rutledge Family Genealogy.

The parents of  Catherine Worley were Michael Worley (born 1733) and Anna Reighert (born 1735). Barbara Craddock Schultz.

The parents of  Elizabeth Worley were Valentine Worley and Anna Spraker. The parents of Valentine Worley were the same Michael Worley, Sr. and Anna Reigher who gave birth to Catherine Worley.. Re: James A. Burchett

I hope I got this right.



* Note on Mathias - Mathias Van Huss, son of Valentine Felty Van Huss, Jr., born 1795 in Wythe County, Virginia, died in 1856 in Johnson, Carter County, Tennessee. He had 11 children by a second wife Lovina Dugger. Descendants of Daniel Dugger. Lovina raised Valentine Worley and in her will referred to him as her child.

* Note to self. Valentine Worley, Jr., b. October 13, 1801, Cripple Creek, Wythe Co., Va., d. June 05, 1893, Wabaunsee Co., Kansas..

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