Thursday, March 10, 2011

The New Homestead Act of 1872

Congress' passage of the New Homestead Act of 1872 spurred new settlement in Kansas. The law permitted soldiers and sailors 160 acres or a quarter section of land. The claim needed to be proved within 6 months.This includes the family of John Finley VanHuss. The warranty deed to Daniel VanHuss and later transfers can be viewed in the Butler County Courthouse in El Dorado.

I have images of the deeds that need to be uploaded.

Read the Daily Eagle of  April 12, 1872. Look to the upper right hand column for a reprint of the Act.

 The New Homestead Act was patterned after the earlier act of 1862. Learn more about this act from the National Archives. (Image from the National Archives).

This article needs editing. There is little information online about the 1872 Act.

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