Friday, October 15, 2010

Hickory Township

The Kansas Historical Society has preserved a 1905 Standard Atlas of Butler County Kansas. Page 97 is a map of Hickory Township, just south of present day Highway 400 and Beaumont, Kansas. A plat of Beaumont is attached to Union Township below.

With a click and you can see the property claims of several Van Husses and two Brewers. Hannah and Will Davis, Abby and Alex Fletcher are the descendants of the clans of Van Huss, Brewer, and Phillips, thanks to Bob and Mary Van Huss.

To the north of Hickory Township is Glencoe Township with Beaumont, Kansas. The William Phillips property can be seen just to the southwest of Beaumont.

To the south of Hickory Township is Union Township and Latham, Kansas. Little Walnut Township and Leon, Kansas are to the west.

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